Biography of Thomas Tripp of Dartmouth

Thomas Tripp was born 3 Dec 1719 per the Portsmouth Vital Statistics, page 103. At the tender age of seventeen (very early for New England marriages), his first child William was born. There is no marriage record for Thomas at this time. Therefore, his first wife and mother to his children is unknown. After his last child is born, Thomas Tripp Jr, he marries Tamson Witherell 16 Apr 1747.

In 1766, Thomas sells his wharf (no mention of ferry rights) and makes his last will and testament the same year. He is forty-seven years old. Valentine suggests that Thomas Tripp removed to Washington County, NY to live with his son William in later life. Perhaps Thomas suffered a severe illness, that required these preparations, but recovered from the illness. The 1774 Newport census has a Thomas Tripp but I believe our Thomas had been living in Tiverton which was then Massachusetts (the borders kept changing).

The records for Thomas Tripp are sketchy and few. The dates are troubling.

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Thomas Tripp was probably named for his great grandfather Thomas Waite. The name Thomas, to this time period, does not appear to be a Tripp namesake.