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William THURMOND was born in Oct 1745 in Goochland County, Virginia. He was the son of Phillip THURMOND and Mary HENDERSON. He died in 1800 in Albemarle County, Virginia, probably in August or September. On 10 Apr 1766 William THURMOND married Macharina NORVELL (aka Maccarina, Mackey, Machie), daughter of James NORVELL and Anna SPENCER, at Goochland County, Virginia. They were both from St James Northam Parish. They had seven known children:

  • James T THURMOND b. 22 Aug 1767 who married Martha NORVELL
  • William THURMOND b. 14 Oct 1769 who married Nancy JOHNSON
  • Elizabeth THURMOND b. abt. 1771 who married John APPLEBERRY
  • Mary D THURMOND (aka Polly) b. 1775 who married Jacob DAVIS
  • Thomas THURMOND b. 1776/1778 who married Patsy NORVELL
  • Catherine THURMOND b. 1779 who married Sam RITTENHOUSE
  • John THURMOND b. abt. 1786 who married Nancy TURNER

William THURMOND was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, having served in the Virginia Continental Line. The DAR Patriot Index page 678 reveals that he served as a private. There is no record of a pension for him or his wife.

On 31 Mar 1800, William THURMOND made his will as a resident of St Anns Parish, County of Albemarle, Virginia. Macharina or Maccarina, his wife, acted as executrix along with son, James T THURMOND, and son-in-law John APPLEBERRY, and Benjamin DAVIS. This will was witnessed by Samuel HENSLEY, George NORVELL, and by Anne and Benjamin JOHNSON. The will reads:

In the name of God amen, I William THURMOND of St. Anns Parish in the County of Albemarle do make and ordain this to be my last will. I do desire for all my just debts to be paid and do give my worldly estate as follows: Item - I give to my after named children to wit, I give to my son William THURMOND a lot of land beginning at a corner scrub oak and running with the path to the point of the hill and crossing the branch and running with a white oak near the PRICES and running across at the bank of the creek and with the path to the back line on the Stony Ridge. Item - I give to my two sons Thomas and John the balance of my land to be equally divided , the upper lot whereon my house stands to John. Item - I give to my daughter Catherine RITTENHOUSE on hundred pounds current money of Virginia. Item - I give to my grandson Elisha THURMOND fifty pounds. Item - I give to my son Thomas THURMOND 1 horse, saddle, and suit of clothes. Item - I give to my son John THURMOND 1 horse, saddle, and suit of clothes. Item - I give to my beloved wife Macarina THURMOND my whole estate and during her life or widowhood if in case she may marry there is a division and at her decease, I desire there should be an equal division amongst all my children. I do now constitute and ordain my wife Macarina THURMOND, Benjamin DAVIS, James THURMOND, and John APPLEBERRY as Executors of this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have herewith given my hand and seal this 31st day of March 1800. Source: Albemarle County Will Book number 4, page 34

The value of the estate was appraised at 1,074 pounds, 19 shillings and 8 pence and presented at court in early 1801. It was a sizable estate that included land and personal property, including slaves.


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