P rior to 1830, the LOGAN family settled for a time in the Bakers Creek community southwest of present day Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee. There stands the Bakers Creek Presbyterian Church, established in 1756, where several members of the LOGAN clan are buried along with members of the HOUSTON family, including Elizabeth Paxton HOUSTON who was the mother of Sam HOUSTON of Texas.

It is surmised that the LOGAN family migrated - as so many other families did - along the Great Wagon Road, which stretched from Pennsylvania to southern Virginia; perhaps they paused in southern Virginia for a time before moving onward along the Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap. Such a pause was common due to intermittent hostilities by Native Americans. We do know that the HOUSTON family migrated to Blount County from Virginia in a large, extended family contingent of several wagons.

Before 1832, one branch of the LOGAN family had removed to Coosa County, Alabama. Among the earliest settlers of Coosa County, Alabama were Alexander LOGAN and John LOGAN, brothers, per the George BREWER History of Coosa County. They were the sons of James E M LOGAN per Coosa County Wills and Probate Minutes Book A. BREWER may have overlooked Samuel LOGAN, another brother, who was enumerated in the 1850 census in Coosa County.

All of these LOGANS settled in the Rockford area near Hatchett Creek according to BREWER: "amongst the [Creek] Indians". The LOGAN contingent was large and probably traded with the Creeks (family lore has it that they established a trading post).

The early LOGANS of Coosa County, Alabama were an industrious family. Several members of the family held public offices and were active in local politics.

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