John Vananthrop HAMMOND

a biography

John Vananthrop Hammond Sr

John Vananthrop HAMMOND (Sr) was born in 1840 at Butler, Wayne County, New York. He was the son of Lewis P HAMMOND and Elizabeth Dorcas OSTRANDER. He died abt 1892 at Cumberland, Barron County, Wisconsin at the age of about 52.

In 1863 John Vananthrop HAMMOND resided in Junian, Dodge County, Wisconsin where he married Elizabeth Charlotte BICKFORD, daughter of Freeman BICKFORD and Elizabeth STRAW, on 12 May 1863. They had the following children:

By 1870 he had removed to Wellington, Monroe County, Wisconsin. By 1880 he had removed to Whitestown, Vernon County, Wisconsin. John died in Cumberland, Barron County, Wisconsin.

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