John Vananthrop HAMMOND Jr. 1870-1965

a biography

John V Hammond Jr

John Vananthrop. HAMMOND Jr. was born in 16 Apr 1870 at Valley Junction, Monroe County ,Wisconsin. He died 27 Dec 1965 at Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington. He was the eldest son of John Vananthrop HAMMOND Sr. and Elizabeth Charlotte BICKFORD-HAMMOND.

John V HAMMOND Jr. was a short, lithe man, of 5 ft 2 inches. His daughter, Alta Grace HAMMOND-MULLIN believed her father was born at The Dells, Wisconsin and attested to that on his death certificate; however, various documents and census records point to Valley Junction as the place of birth.

John V HAMMOND Jr. married in his home-town ( Rock Falls , Wisconsin ) to his sweetheart, Etta SWAN on July 20, 1895 . They moved, along with the Swan family, in 1895 to Cumberland , Barron County, Wisconsin. There they raised their children, Alta Grace HAMMOND and Neil S HAMMOND at a house on Jackson Street. Alta Grace HAMMOND was born on 2 Mar 1896, and Neil S, HAMMOND was born on 24 Jan 1900.

About 1918/1919 the family moved to Barber, Idaho and then later to Seattle, Washington (1920), where they lived at Crown Street with John’s sister and brother-in-law, Etta HAMMOND-COLE and William M. COLE. Eventually, due to business concerns, John V HAMMOND Jr. and his wife settled at Bremerton, Washington, where they remained until their passing.

In his youth, John was reported, by his daughter, to have had jet-black hair. In his senior years, his hair was pure white, as was attested to by many who remember him. He had very bright blue eyes and a fair complexion.

His daughter, Alta Grace HAMMOND, remembered that her father was fluent in the native tongue of the Chippewa's. According to Alta, he frequently interpreted for the Native Americans at the local courthouse. We do not know about his dealings with the Chippewa's, but apparently he was was well respected by them. In payment for his services, he was rewarded with ornately beaded moccasins or other handcrafted goods. Alta also remembers that her mother, Etta SWAN-HAMMOND, would not have Indian moccasins in the house; she would often throw them out the back door into the yard. Given that a pair of Chippawa moccasins, of that period, would be valued today in the thousands of dollars, Etta's actions were both unfriendly and unwise.

According to other family members, John V HAMMOND Jr. never learned how to drive a car. Apparently he regularly walked great distances without being concerned about the physical effort. Often he would unexpectedly pay a visit to a relative or friend miles from his home; he was known for these walk-abouts.

A man of many abilities, John was a mason, carpenter, millwright, and electrician. In 1927, he constructed a house at 3313 5th Street in Lewiston , Idaho with the assistance of his daughter’s father-in-law, Hezekiah Henry MULLIN. Dolores SWAN recalls that John V HAMMOND Jr. lived down the hill from her family in Bremerton, Washington. Due to John's eccentric and often temperamental ways, Delores and other Swan cousins were warned not to bother him.

He died in his sleep at age 96 from cerebral arteriosclerosis. He is buried in Ivy Green Cemetery , Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington beside the grave of his wife, Etta SWAN-HAMMOND.

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