I t is generally presumed that Christopher FITZGERALD was a brother to Edmond FITZGERALD of Pittsylvania County, Virginia and perhaps the son of John Fitzgerald Sr. (this from Bill R. Randolph and Mamie Legard Stafford). John Fitzgerald Sr (1735-1822) is believed to have had 3 wives and 18 children from these marriages.

There is a family tradition among the descendants of Edmond Fitzgerald (who married Millicent Payne) that Edmond was born on the high seas and it is presumed that John, Sr., Matthew, Christopher, and Garrett Fitzgerald of Pittsylvania and Halifax Cos., Va. are brothers or close relatives of Edmond. It is slightly possible this group of Fitzgeralds is descended from Garrett Fitzgerald, Sr. first mentioned in Rappahannock Co., Records (later Essex and Richmond Cos.) as early as the 1680s. There is much that needs to be done on this family, back to the immigrant and down to the present.

This Fitzgerald family has several DODSON marriages and Dodson descendant marriages. In addition there has been and still are regular intermarriages between this family and the Dodson family. The first wife of John Fitzgerald, Senior, is unknown. His second wife, Jane Holloway, was a daughter of James Holloway of Pittsylvania Co., Va. In placing the children it is obvious from deeds, marriages, censuses, etc. where most of them go as far as which wife they belong to, but getting them in order is something else.

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