Clifton Leslie FIELDS, a biography

Clifton Leslie Fields 

Clifton Leslie FIELDS was born September 3 1907 in Jack County, Texas. He died 1 December 1985 in Montague County, Texas. Walter and Mary Louise Tripp Fields were the parents of this 4th child of 13 children. He was raised on the Fields lands southeast of Bryson [Jack County, Texas]. He rode stickhorses as a child and made his own toys from things of nature. There was hunting from the time he could walk with his brothers and father.He had brown hair, brown eyes that twinkled, always smiling. He had an 8th grade education and from there went to the oilfields as a rotary driller. 

Clifton Leslie FIELDS went into the army to fight in WWII Jan 10 1942. His specialty was lineman 641 and he helped lay the cable lines for communication between battalions. He saw action in Naples, Foggia, Rhineland, Rome and Southern France. He brought home a lot of medals from the war: Good Conduct Medal, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart. He was injured in Feb 1944 when buried alive in an explosion in Italy. He dug his way out with several fractured ribs and continued to lay lines with his co-workers until he was ordered to leave and seek medical help.

After coming home from the war, he joined Southwestern Bell Telephone Company and remained in their workforce  until he retired some 22 years later. He married a Victoria Barger Sullivan in Wheeler Texas. They had no children.

In about 1953 , they adopted  a girl child, his brother Guy Fields daughter, Carolyn Ann Fields who was 13 months old at this time. They lived in Wichita Falls and then Charlie Texas.

After Carolyn grew up and married,  Victoria and C L divorced. He then married a Maxine Rowland and lived in Wichita Falls, Bryson and finally, Newport, Texas.

C L had many hobbies and loved to travel across Texas. He traded livestock, ran Walker and July hounds after coyotes at night, He chewed Days Work chewing tobacco. He frequented small cafes and had a few waitress girlfriends. He lived a good life and was 78 years old when he had a final heart attack. He died in Bowie, Texas .

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