William DRAKE 1773-1841

a biography

William DRAKE was born 26 Dec 1773, bp in Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York, and he was probably the son of Josiah DRAKE and Antje JANSENN (Anne Johnson).  He married Catherine ROSE on 14 Oct 1793 in the 1st Dutch Reformed Church at Poughkeesie, New York. Catherine ROSE was born abt 1780. She was the daughter of John ROSE and Catharine of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York.

William DRAKE and Catheine ROSE had the following children:

  • Josiah DRAKE b. 8 Oct 1797 - no further information
  • John Rodman DRAKE b. 7 Sep 1799 who married Polly A MORSE
  • Cornelius R DRAKE b. 24 Aug 1803 who married Anna GRAVES
  • Polly DRAKE b. 1815/1820 who married Thomas WILSON
  • Uriah DRAKE b. 1812 who married Nancy BARNEY
  • Levi DRAKE b. 1822 who married Sarah Jane SHELDON
  • possibly 3 other children, names unknown

Willam DRAKE lived at New Paltz, Ulster County, New York in 1800. The family removed to Yates County, New York about 1805, and then to Prattsburg, Steuben County, New York by 1807. Yates County and Steuben County share a border. "The West Hill was commenced in 1805 by Stephen PRENTISS, Washam PARSONS, and Aaron COOK. The settlement of Riker’s Hollow [now known as Ingleside] was commenced in 1807 by Michael KEITH, John RIKER, and William DRAKE." - Guy Humphrey MCMASTER, History of the Setttlement of Steuben County, NY, pg 193; Google Books, Internet

Later William appeared in Dansville, NY in 1810, Prattsburg, NY in 1830 before removing to Washtenaw County, Michigan about 1832, when Michigan opened to settlement. Finally the family settled in Bengal Township, Clinton County, Michigan. See land patent

William DRAKE died about 1841 in Bengal Twp, Clinton County, Michigan. He is probably buried in the Oakridge Cemetery at St Johns, Clinton County, Michigan where many of the Drakes are interred.


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