Josiah DRAKE 1750-aft1833

a biography

Josiah DRAKE was born on 1 Jul 1750 [old style] at Fishkill1 in Dutchess County, New York. His parentage is as yet unproven. This is probably the Josiah DRAKE who married [unproven] Antje Jansenn [Anne Johnson] about 1770 in New Paltz, Ulster County, New York, presumably in the Fishkill Dutch Church.

Per "The Settlers of the Beekman Patent", Vol IV page 469: Jesias DRAKE and wife Antje Jansenn had son Willem b. 26 Dec. 1773 and bp. 28 Aug. 1774 with Sp. Richard Hannsenn [later corrected in Vol VII to read "Richard Jansenn"] and his wife. It appears credible that this Jesias DRAKE and our Josiah DRAKE are the same person, particularly since Josiah DRAKE, later of New Paltz, and a William DRAKE are living next to each other as enumerated in the 1800 Ulster County, NY Federal Census. Naming conventions suggest that son Willem (William) was named for the father of Josiah DRAKE, the William DRAKE found in the Fishkill tax lists.

Antje JANSENN [JOHNSON] b. abt 1781 was the daughter of Hannes JANSEN [JOHNSON] b. 10 Oct 1708, who married Nennie OAKLEY b. 5 Jul 1726, daughter of Jonathan OAKLEY and Anneke SCHOUTEN. Antje’s grandfather was Peter JANSEN who was born in Bergen Norway, and who was granted 500 acres in Marlborough in 1712. Peter JANSEN was married to Maria LOSSING.

The senior William DRAKE (DRACK), of Dutchess County, was married to Elizabeth TAYLOR. He was taxed in Poughkeepsie from Feb 1759 and 1763. John DRAKE was executor to the estate of William DRAKE [May 1764]. William DRAKE and Elizabeth had several children baptised in the Fishkill Dutch Church, among them Hannah DRAKE who married Jonathan WASBURN and Cornelius DRAKE who was taxed in Charlotte from June 1765 through 1769.

Josiah DRAKE died after 19 Apr 1833 [the date of his last Revolutionary War Pension application] at New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. His date and place of burial is unknown. See will of Josiah DRAKE.

The marriage of Josiah DRAKE and Antje JANSENN produced the following children:

  • William DRAKE b. 26 Dec 1773 who married Catherine ROSE
  • John DRAKE who married Polly (surname unknown)
  • Elizabeth DRAKE b. abt 1779 who prob. married Jacob DEVOE (may be DEYO or DEYS)
  • Gilbert DRAKE b. 3 Feb 1781 who married Margery RELYEA
  • Catherine DRAKE b 26 Jun 1783 who. married Jacob BUSH
  • Sarah DRAKE b. abt 1785 who married Jacob PALMATEER
  • Isaac DRAKE b. abt 1787 - no further information

Since Josiah and his son William were born at Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York, we know that the DRAKE family was resident in Dutchess County at least for the period of 1750-1773 and probably earlier. The early tax lists for the Rombout Precinct (Fishkill) contain a few DRAKES. The William DRAKE listed is the probable father of Josiah DRAKE.

Rombout Precinct Tax Lists:

  • Drake (Drack, Dracke), Francis - tax years 1726-1740
  • Drake, Gerardus - tax years 1767-1773
  • Drake (Drack), William - tax years 1738,1740-1748, 1753, 1754

WAR OF INDEPENDENCE : In the first week of August 1776 [old style], Josiah Drake volunteered at New Paltz to serve 5 months in the company of Captain Jacob HASBROUCK and Captain Abraham DEYO or DEYS2 in the regiment commanded by Colonel Levi PAULDING. Pvt. Josiah DRAKE recalled, in his pension deposition, that he served with John ECKERT and Abraham PALMATEER3, both of New Paltz. Most of the five months service was in Westchester County. He was honorably discharged at Fort Constitution opposite West Point. On 15 May 1777, Josiah was drafted to serve 1 month in the company of Capt John SCHOONMAKER who was charged to guard the frontier in the county of Ulster. In October 1777, Josiah was serving in the militia company of Capt Peleg RANSOM. The company guarded the shores of the Hudson River for 8 days. Josiah then marched with the company from Kingston, Ulster County to Albany to Stillwater, Saratoga where he served with company until the surrender of Genl BURGOYNE, 17 Oct 1777. The company then took charge of British prisoners-of-war and delivered the prisoners to Albany before returning to Ulster County. In the months of June, August and October of 1778, Josiah was again called up to serve with the militia guarding the frontier in Ulster County. Josiah swore and signed his deposition 19 Apr 1833 at New Paltz. The pension was allowed with total service credit totaling 9 months and 29 days.

1 per deposition of Josiah DRAKE, pension application, Revolutionary War
2 Elizabeth DRAKE, dau of Josiah, married a Jacob DEYO or DEYS
3 Sarah DRAKE, dau of Josiah married a Jacob PALMATEER Abraham PALMATEER served with Josiah DRAKE in the war, and he was a neighbor in New Paltz for decades.


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