Biography of Nathaniel BOWDISH 1642-1706

Nathaniel BOWDISH was christened on 12 Feb 1642/1643 in Salem, Essex County, MA. He was the son of William BOWDISH and Sarah (see biography of William BOWDISH for origins and connection with the Salem BOWDISH family). He died on 5 Apr 1706 in Portsmouth, Newport County, RI. He was buried in Old Orchard, Middletown, RI. His will was probated, probably in 1706. The estate inventory was dated 12 Apr 1706. In his will he mentions his sons Nathaniel and William, and his daughter Sarah Bull, his daughter Hannah, and his daughter Katherine and Richard Dunn. Administration of his will was done by his son William on 2 May 1706. He served on a jury for trials 25 July 1694 and on a grand Jury 31, 1700. The following is his epitaph (copied in 1884): "Here lyeth ye body of Nathaniel Bowdish. He dyeth April the 5 th 1706 aged 63 years. No epitaph need make the dead man famed. The just are praised when only named."

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