Biography of Nathaniel AVERY son of Captain John Avery

Nathaniel, son of Captain John and Abigail (Cheseborough) Avery, was baptized 18 Jun 1692 along with two brothers and a sister, meaning that he was born earlier. He was a Freeman of Groton in 1712 thus was at least 21 years of age then. Several times, John Avery deeded land to his dutiful sons and invariably named then Nathaniel, William and Elisha, in that order. Thus, Nathaniel Avery was the eldest.

By 1736 he was living in Lyme where he bought land of Moses Huntley.

Nathaniel Avery made his will 1 July 1769, proved 28 Jun 1770, in which he mentions wife, Abigail. Therefore, by 1769, Rachel Yeomans Avery had pre-deceased him.

The names of the children of Nathaniel Avery were obtained from the settlement of their father's estate, so birth order cannot be established (males were listed first in the will), therefore the children of Rachel Yeomans cannot be designated with any certainty (The Groton Avery Clan, Elroy McKendree Avery and Catherine Hitchcock (Tilden) Avery).

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Nathaniel Avery

 Signature of Nathaniel Avery