Biography of Moses AVERY

Moses Avery (b. 1770 in Lyme, New London County, CT) married Elizabeth Munsell, daughter of John and Lydia Munsell, about 1795. Elizabeth is mentioned in the will (25 Feb 1821) of John Munsell. Moses Avery may have been residing in New York at this time because his son John married Sarah Ann Cooper in August 1821 in Watertown, Jefferson County, NY where Sarah Ann Cooper was born. The book, "Groton Avery Clan", notes that Moses was a shoemaker and removed to New York.

Moses appears in the 1830 Census Bennington, Genesee County, New York; Roll: 90; Page: 133. He does not appear in the 1840 New York census. For many years the rest of his story has been a mystery. Acting upon a hunch, I noticed that a daughter, Laura, of his son, John, was born in Canada. Upon searching the Canada records, I found that the Heritage Consulting Millennium File lists a death date of 1848 for Moses Avery and lists his son Orin Avery, all in Norwich, Oxford County, Ontario, CAN.

Sometime between 1830 and 1835, Moses Avery and son Orin Avery (and perhaps others) moved to the Brock District, Oxford County, Ontario, CAN. Orin Avery marries there in abt 1834 and his first child is born in 1835. John, son of Moses, is there by Sep 1848 when Laura, daughter of John, is born (in CAN). John Avery may have been attending the funeral of his father, although this is purely speculation.

After the death of Moses Avery, his widow and son, Orin, continue to reside in Norwich, Oxford County, Ontario, CAN. The 1851 Census of Canada West (Ontario), Oxford County, Norwich, Image 129,, lists the family of Orin and Elizabeth, age 77 and widow of Moses. There are later naturalization records and Will records on Orin Avery now of Canada.

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When Moses Avery immigrated to Canada, his son Orin naturalized and became a citizen. Orin Avery's sons, Alphonse Avery and Angus Avery continued the family name in Canada, doubtless with many hundreds of descendants named Avery who possibly do not know their ties to the Groton Avery Clan of Connecticut, USA.